Emergency Care From Your Orthodontists

When true orthodontic emergencies happen, we’re committed to making ourselves available to you. When facing a dental crisis, such as a broken brace wire or severe tooth misalignment discomfort, seeking emergency orthodontic care can be vital in preventing further complications and ensuring prompt relief. Call us right away if you’re experiencing pain associated with a dental appliance and we’ll ensure that an appointment to rectify the issue is scheduled as soon as possible.

If you're experiencing sudden dental discomfort or have had an accident affecting your teeth, it's crucial to seek an emergency orthodontist who can provide immediate care and alleviate your pain. Until you visit us, read the suggestions below regarding how to manage orthodontic pain until we’re able to see you in person!

What is a true emergency?

Many orthodontic issues can be temporarily managed on your own until you’re able to visit our office. For example, loose pieces can be put into a small plastic bag or envelope and brought to your next appointment, while braces or wires that are poking can have a piece of soft wax added to the problematic areas. Additionally, a wire that has shifted to one side can be pulled back in place with needle-nose pliers so that it’s in the tube on the back tooth.

Of course, once your discomfort is alleviated, it’s vital that you call our office as soon as possible to schedule a repair appointment. Failing to address the damage over time may lead to your treatment plan being detrimentally impacted.

Here are some tips for dealing with common concerns at home:

For general soreness: It’s normal to feel overall soreness for the first three to five days after having braces placed. To help minimize pain, consume soft foods and rinse your mouth with a warm salt water rinse. You can also take other medications you’d normally use for a headache.

For headgear pain: Discomfort can happen when this dental appliance isn’t worn properly, so ensure that you’re following the instructions provided by our team for best results. If the facebow (metal piece) is bent, call us to schedule an appointment, and keep in mind that this appliance will hurt less with time and consistent use.

Loose appliance: For appliances that are poking you, place a piece of dental wax on the problematic area.

Loose bracket: If a band or bracket is loose but attached to the wire, leave it in place and add wax to it for comfort. If the band or bracket can be easily removed, put it in a small plastic bag or envelope and bring it to your next appointment.

Loose wire: Needle-nose pliers can help put a wire into position, as can a piece of floss when it’s tied around the bracket in place of the missing O-ring. If these tactics aren’t successful and using wax on the end of the wire doesn’t help, use a fingernail clipper to trim the wire so it sits behind the tooth to which it’s securely fastened. Place wax on the end of the wire to prevent any cheek damage.

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