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A leading technology that enables orthodontic patients to speed up their treatment time, PROPEL Orthodontics works in conjunction with orthodontic systems via chairside and at-home devices. Among these systems, Invisalign, a popular choice for discreet orthodontic correction, pairs exceptionally well with PROPEL's advanced methodologies. This synergy allows for the acceleration of Invisalign treatment, making the process significantly more efficient without compromising the quality of results.

How does this system work?

This system effectively stimulates the production of new bone material in a patient’s jaw, which enables their teeth to shift into more desirable positions at a rapid rate.

What does the chairside treatment entail?

After we’ve assessed your teeth and gums and confirmed that you’re a candidate for treatment, we’ll have you rinse with a solution that will prepare your teeth and gums for treatment. We’ll then use a numbing gel on your gums, and once it’s taken effect, we’ll make very small holes in one quadrant of your gums with a handheld device.

Keep in mind that while you’ll be able to return to your regular routine after your treatment is complete, because of your small gum injuries, you should avoid foods or drinks that may agitate this area, including spicy or citrus-based items. It’s also important to note that your gums may feel slightly sensitive following the treatment, but this will be minimized within a day or two. Taking pain medication with Ibuprofen is also key, since it reduces inflammation, which is necessary for PROPEL to speed tooth movement.

How many in-office treatments do patients need?

While one session will accelerate alignment results, it’s common that a second treatment will be required for many patients. Additional sessions may also be needed for managing complex tooth movements.

What does the at-home treatment entail?

A high-frequency handheld device, the VPro, is used for five minutes each day to accelerate tooth movement and speed treatment time. This device also reduces your need for office visits and has been found to reduce shifting discomfort and increase bone density at the retention stage.

When using the VPro, orthodontics should be in place and patients should bite down gently on the mouthpiece during use. Patients should also keep in mind that the device has a gradual build to full vibration, and that the VPro mouthpiece should be disconnected from the device when rinsing/cleaning.

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Clear aligners attached in patient teeth

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  • Use innovative technology to significantly reduce orthodontic treatment time
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  • Initiate this system at any point in your orthodontic treatment schedule
  • In-office and at-home options available
  • Accelerate tooth movement by up to 50%!

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