Wilckodontics From Your Orthodontists in Vernon

A surgical procedure that’s performed by a periodontist or an oral surgeon, wilckodontics Storrs is an oral treatment that’s meant to accelerate orthodontic treatment time while also offering solutions to patients with complex alignment or bite issues. By activating and increasing the underlying supporting jaw bone with periodontic and orthodontic care, the result is a faster and more predictable smile transformation.

What Happens During the Procedure?

This minimally invasive surgery gently “activates” your bone and gums, allowing your teeth to move at a much more rapid speed than traditional orthodontic treatments. While you’re under general anaesthesia, your surgeon will remove a small portion of your alveolar bone’s external surface, which contains your tooth sockets. Doing this minimizes the bone’s mineral content for a short time, enabling accelerated orthodontic tooth movements. Following surgery, the bone will heal and its health will be restored.

How Can it Help My Gums and Jaw Bone?

By moving your teeth into more ideal positions, your risk of gum disease is reduced. Patients experiencing gum recession can also benefit from this procedure as it can offer support that will improve gum structure and strength. Additionally, areas where jaw bone is very thin or lacking can be built up, preventing periodontal problems in the future.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for This Procedure?

Patients with permanent teeth that are supported by a healthy bone structure are likely candidates, though it’s important that you have your unique situation and needs assessed by our doctors to confirm if Wilckodontics treatment is right for you.

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  • Experience fast and predictable results
  • Effectively treat typical and very complex orthodontic scenarios
  • Activate and increase your underlying supporting jaw bone
  • Feel confident while speaking, smiling, and laughing
  • Improve your gum health while straightening your smile!
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